Dani Stevens Tries Day-Off Diet

The Day-Off Diet is a hit. Whether you're hoping to shed some pounds (just look at these amazing success stories!) or want to incorporate more veggies into your meals, the easy and filling Day-Off Diet recipes are here to help you reach your goals. To make sure the recipes are as great as we think they are, we asked one of our favorite people, Dani Stevens — Australian fitness and health blogger, mom, and major inspiration to busy women around the globe — to try out and put her own (beautiful) spin on some of the recipes. And boy, did she deliver!

Warning: Symptoms of looking at Stevens' versions below include drooling, chills, and/or making them yourself first thing tomorrow.

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Apple-Banana Smoothie

Who doesn't love kicking off the day with a fruity smoothie? Stevens decided to substitute walnuts with Brazilian nuts in her version of our Apple-Banana Smoothie. "It went down like a treat!" she says.

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Broccoli Frittata

Because Stevens has four little ones running around, she made mini versions of our Broccoli Frittata for her kids. "I also added feta cheese and corn on the cob," she says.

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Penne With Chicken

We know, we know — it still seems crazy that there's pasta in this diet. But as Stevens says, the Day-Off Diet lets you have your cake and eat it too. In her version of our Penne With Chicken dish, she added some peanuts for a little crunch.

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Salmon With Peas

Stevens is all about her omega-3s. She amped up our Salmon With Peas recipe by swapping the peas for garlic-infused green beans, and topping the fish with sweet potato pesto and pistachios. Can you say yum?

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Salsa Burger

Yep, there are burgers on the lineup, too. This photo just goes to show Stevens' skills — her Salsa Burger isn't even put together yet and we want to eat it. Doesn't that spread look amazing? It's hard to beat homemade salsa... or salsa in general, for that matter.

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