These Vegan Meringues Have a Secret Ingredient

Hint: It's something you'd usually pour down the sink.

Now, let us begin by saying we're no strangers to the many wonders of chickpeas. Roasted chickpeas? Oh, yes. Hummus? We'll take the largest tub you've got. But even we were taken aback when the gooey liquid in chickpea cans — now fancily known as "aquafaba" — started making headlines as a vegan egg substitute.

Though we've seen it used for whole eggs, aquafaba really shines as an egg-white swap. Case in point: These meringue cookies from It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken, Sam Turnbull's vegan cooking blog. We tried 'em out for our November issue and were wowed by their airy deliciousness. (Also, they're surprisingly low-cal for how decadent they taste.)

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The moral of this story? Give goop a chance. Secret moral #2: Food can be so, so weird. But good weird.

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