You Can Eat This Entire Pizza by Yourself Without Feeling Guilty

It can be done — it just won't fill you up.

Oh, pizza. We could eat you for days... Oh, who are we kidding? We could eat you for weeks. The only problem with that scenario is we also need to fit into our pants, and that would be a challenge if we gobbled up too much of your carb-loaded goodness. (Although this healthified Skinny Veggie Pizza does get pretty close to delivering the best of both worlds.)

However, now there is a pizza you can eat without feeling an ounce of guilt — but it's about the size of a quarter. Womp womp. Miniature Space makes the most amazing mini-feasts on their YouTube channel, the latest being an itty bitty pizza. They chop up the vegetables on a peewee cutting board, prepare some teeeeeny tiny pepperoni, spread the mini toppings out on homemade dough and bake it to perfection in a wee (working) oven.

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Talk about bite-sized. You could probably eat almost anything when it's the size of your thumb without doing damage to your waistline. You could even add in corn dogs and mac and cheese as sides and maybe some pudding for dessert, which are all made in the most adorable miniature kitchen we've ever seen. We only have one question: When can we move in?

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