Your 21-Day Weight-Loss Breakthrough Prep-Day Playlist

Because meal prep is way more fun when you're grooving to good music.

Setting aside a few hours every Sunday to prep healthy meals for the rest of the week is a great way to conquer your New Year's resolutions, but there's one problem: It can get a little boring. OK, super boring.

If "healthy meal prep" doesn't exactly sound like a dance party funfest to you… well, fair. But trust us —if you've got the right cooking soundtrack, your kitchen time flies by. That's why we put together this collection of our favorite dinner-making songs that'll have you singing, shimmying, and sautéing your way to 21-Day Weight-Loss Breakthrough success.

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Just press play and get ready to bust out a week's worth of satisfying, slimming meals — and probably a dance move or two — in no time!

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