How to Bust Out of a Bean Rut

Go on, give those exotic coffee beans a try.

Do you always eye the exotic picks at your local roaster, feeling half-curious, half-cold-feet-ish? Use our handy guide to swap out the brews you know and love for something new. Soon enough, you'll be saying, "You should really try the Yirgacheffe."

If you like Costa Rican coffee, try…

Butezi, grown in Burundi. This big, bright Central African variety is prized for its caramel flavor. Even though the beans have racked up industry awards, they're still one of the best-kept secrets in U.S. coffee shops.

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If you like Kona coffee, try…

Gesha from Panama. Coffee experts love its array of citrusy and floral flavors. Worth the up-there price tag! (FYI: You'll also see it spelled "Geisha.")

If you like Colombian coffee, try…

Yirgacheffe, grown in Ethiopia. The beans get praise for strong blueberry and lemon "notes" (as brew buffs like to say) and come from the region in Africa widely considered to be coffee's birthplace.

This story originally appeared in the April 2016 issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life.

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