Dr. Oz The Good Life's Pickiest Eater Tries the Day-Off Diet

Senior Editor Nicole Saunders didn't follow the diet to a T, but she still struck 'recipe gold.'

I have a confession to make: I took more than a few days off the Day-Off Diet. Between work deadlines, leftover Christmas cookies, and a tub of salted caramel ice cream I happened to discover in the back of my fridge, I had a hard time saying no to my sugar cravings — even if I did say yes to more kale, beets, and snow peas.

But my  I wasn't a total bust. In fact, it actually helped me learn something about my eating habits that, for me, could be a weight-loss game-changer: The three days I did eat well and avoided extracurricular snacking were the three days I struck recipe gold. I found healthy dishes I absolutely love, which, considering I've been a notoriously picky eater ever since I was a kid, is a BIG deal. My Day-Off Diet faves: Asian tofu-steak, broccoli frittatas, and balsamic chicken with Brussels sprouts.

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I also realized that when every bite feels like a treat, I don't feel the need for something sugary later in the day. That's inspired me to get in the kitchen and experiment, so I can figure out what other low-cal combinations keep my tastebuds happy and my stomach feeling satisfied. I'd call that a win.

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