The 'Human Ken Doll' Just Underwent His 51st Procedure and Is Now Considering Weight-Loss Surgery

Last week, Rodrigo Alves received a laser treatment meant to make his skin smoother.

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Just three weeks after opening up about his nose-job-related breathing problems on British talk show This Morning, Rodrigo Alves, aka the "Human Ken Doll," has undergone his 51st plastic surgery procedure.

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The procedure, called a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment, was meant to clear Alves' skin of "all the blemishes" and give him a "flawless and porcelain look," he wrote in an Instagram caption last week. The 33-year-old told People that he had scars from acne and an old eyebrow surgery, and he hoped that the laser treatment would improve their appearance.

"I'm a perfectionist with everything that I do, and when it comes to my appearance, I really go the extra mile," he explained. "I wear a lot of makeup to conceal my scars and marks, and it is very time-consuming. Having the CO2 treatment means that I will be able to get ready faster and wear less makeup."

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Alves is still recovering from the laser procedure, but if he's unhappy with the results once he's healed, he told People he'll gladly undergo the same procedure a second time.

"Today my skin started to peel off and it looks red, but I can notice that the enlarged pores and scars have been improved quite significantly," he said. "However, to achieve the porcelain skin look, I may need one more session, but I will now need to wait three months for round two."

Alves' surgeries won't stop there, though: He's still looking for a doctor who will perform yet another nose job on him — it'll be his ninth — to ease his surgery-related breathing difficulties, and he's also considering undergoing liposuction.

"My metabolism is starting to slow down," Alves explained. "I have been gaining weight recently, and all my best outfits don't fit me anymore. I'm considering lipo on my back and legs, but before that, I'm trying a liquid diet where I only drink green pressed juices."

Alves was diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder, or BDD, in 2015. The mental disorder presents itself as an obsession with supposed "flaws" in a one's physical appearance — and a primary symptom is attempting to "correct" those imperfections with plastic surgery, according to Mayo Clinic.

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