Watch: 5-Month-Old's Reaction to Hearing for the First Time Is Priceless

She squeals with joy — literally.

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When little Corlena failed her hearing test at birth, she was diagnosed with hearing loss in both ears, CNN reports. But after spending the first five months of her life in silence, she was finally able to experience sound for the first time. Her reaction? Well, let's just say if it doesn't completely melt your heart, you might want to get checked for Scrooge syndrome.

Corlena was able to get hearing aids thanks to Missouri First Steps and the Moog Center for the Deaf, finally giving her the chance to hear her happy family. Not only did she discover she can make the most adorable squealing noise, but she found out what her mom and dad sound like, too. And judging by the huge smile on her face, she likes what she's hearing.

When Corlena's mother, Kalonda Cloyd, posted the video on Facebook, she joked about her daughter's response, saying, "And we thought receiving her hearing aids she will be a little bit quieter. She said ya'll thought wrong." Things are only looking up from here for this loving family.

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