Watch: Everything You Need to Know About Cancer in Two Minutes

In honor of World Cancer Day, learn about the disease that's responsible for 8.2 million deaths worldwide every year.

World Cancer Day

Today marks a very important day: World Cancer Day. The global awareness event aims to unite everyone in the fight against the dreaded disease that takes too many lives each year.

Eliminating cancer in all its forms starts with improved understanding of what it is in the first place. Abnormal cells begin to grow and can spread to other parts of the body, resulting in diagnoses of breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer — name a body part, really. There are more than 100 types of cancer, and together they result in 13 percent of deaths worldwide. Not to mention that an average of 1,600 people in America died from cancer every single day in 2014.

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There's a whole lot to learn about cancer, and we know it's hard to take in everything. To make things a little easier, the video below does a great job of breaking everything you need to know into quick, digestible facts. Then it's time to spread the word as best you can.

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