This Girl's Prosthetic Arm Shoots Glitter

'You can never be sad with sparkles.'

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Despite being born with a limb difference (meaning her left arm stops just after her humerus), 11-year-old Jordan Reeves hasn't let anything deter her dreams. In fact, the Missouri native has a plethora of activities that keep her busy, including CrossFit, Girl Scouts, music lessons, and advocating for other children with limb differences.

On top of all that, though, Reeves is also an an avid inventor, and she's taking the world by storm with her latest sparkle-laden invention.

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On Thursday, the 11-year-old was featured on The Rachael Ray Show in a segment with the judges from ABC's Shark Tank. There, she demonstrated her sparkly pink prosthetic arm that — wait for it — shoots glitter! How neat is that?

During the Shark Tank-themed segment, Reeves introduced herself as someone who loves inventing new things because she sees how she can "revolutionize 3D-printing for the medical community and inclusive designs."

And as for the glitter? "You can never be sad with sparkles," Reeves said. (We hear that.)

Her glitter-shooting prosthetic arm (which she calls Project Unicorn) is 3D-printed and uses compressed air to shoot out sparkles. The Shark Tank judges thought her invention was amazing, and we couldn't agree more.

Now, with the completion of Project Unicorn, she's onto her next project: creating a prosthetic arm with 3D attachments. No matter what she's working on, though, it seems like Reeves has big dreams and no indication of slowing down.

"She's a force to be reckoned with, one arm or two," her mom, Jen Reeves, told CNN. "I'm super proud of her, and I'm excited about the things she can do or be."

Talk about girl power!

[h/t CNN]

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