Want to Know What It Looks Like When You're Struck By Lightning?

This couple ended up with matching patterns on their skin.

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Some couples experience electricity when they kiss, but this pair took things to another level.

An uncommon but fascinating case appeared on Figure 1 recently when a young man and woman were rushed to the ER with matching branch-like rashes across their bodies. It turns out they collapsed under a tree while trying to get out of the rain, and when the tree was hit by lightning, they received some volts of electricity, as well.

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The incredible marks left on her stomach (shown above) and his thigh are called Lichtenberg figures. The branching patterns occur when high-voltage electricity passes through the body and ruptures capillaries beneath the skin from the electrical discharge, according to IFLScience.

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Even though the patterns are pretty striking until they fade (who wouldn't want to show off surviving a lightning strike?), don't go trying to get yourself electrocuted in order to be a proud owner of your very own Lichtenberg figure. IFLScience says they're incredibly rare — aka much worse things usually happen from getting struck by lightning, and your chances of getting killed are far more likely than ending up with a cool design on your skin.

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