8 Doctors' Blogs You Need to Start Reading

Looking for words of medical wisdom? These docs can deliver.

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Ever wonder what your doctor would tell you if she had more than 15 harried minutes to spend with you? Well sit down and click on — these top-notch physician blogs offer all kinds of great info on an abundance of topics.

1. KevinMD

Kevin Pho, MD, started KevinMD over 10 years ago, and it's filled with entries from more than 2,000 different contributors in all kinds of specialties. His posts go beyond the typical doctor-patient relationship and let you see medicine from the doctor's point of view.

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2. Better Health Blog

If you're looking for great health and medical information you won't find in your typical news feed, Better Health Blog is for you. With everything from health policy and book reviews to interviews and straightforward opinion pieces, Val Jones, MD, along with her fellow medical professionals will make sure you never stop learning.

3. Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care

Attention: Your search for the perfect dermatologist blog has finally come to an end. California-based dermatologist Cynthia Bailey, MD, has all the answers to any skincare questions you might have. Looking for recommendations on sun damage, acne, or anti-aging products? It's all on her blog.

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4. Kamm McKenzie OB-GYN

If you cringe when you realize it's time for your yearly check-up so you think you'd have zero interest in reading about that stuff, don't worry — this isn't like that. Centered on the importance of pregnancy and women's health, the doctors at Kamm Mckenzie OBGYN in North Carolina have a blog that has up-to-date information that's vital to your well-being. The docs cover everything from vaginal discharge to contraception.

5. Dr. Malpani's Blog

Infertility is a touchy subject that most people avoid bringing up, but it needs to be discussed. Doctors Aniruddha and Anjali Malpani of the Malpani Infertility Clinic put everything out on the table in their blog. Read about freezing your eggs, how to speak to your doctor, and the truth about your biological clock. If you're trying to conceive, this is for you.

6. Mothers in Medicine

Medicine is sometimes seen as a male-dominated profession, but the passionate female physicians behind Mothers in Medicine — from surgeons to pathologists — show everyone who run the world. (Girls!) Combining their experiences in and out of the office — the trials of motherhood included — you'll never grow tired of what these women have to say.

7. Seattle Mama Doc

If Dr. Meredith Grey was the first thought that came to mind when you saw this one, you're not alone, and in some ways, you're not far off. Author, pediatrician, and mother of two, Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, merges the role as physician and concerned parent into one on her blog, Seattle Mama Doc. To top it off, she's been named one of TIME's Best Twitter Feeds of 2013.

8. Dr. Jenn's Blog

TED speaker and your go-to relationship and intimacy expert, Jennifer Gunsaullus, PhD, isn't afraid to drop the S-E-X bomb on her blog. She covers open relationships versus cheating, libido busters, and even the big O.

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