8 Trainers Share What They Always Have in Their Gym Bags

Stock up on these must-haves.

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Still wondering exactly what to bring to the gym? We asked eight popular New York City-based personal trainers and fitness instructors to fill us in on the one thing you'll never see them without. (Meaning if it's not already in your gym bag, you're probably gonna want to add it immediately.)

1. Nutrition Bar

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"I always have a nutrition bar of some kind. The most critical part of your workout happens in the 30 minutes right after you finish," says Amanda Russell, founder of Fit, Strong, and Sexy. "I'm adamant about getting in some carbs or protein in that window in order to stop, repair, and refuel my muscles and keep my metabolism high."

2. Tampons

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"I always have tampons on hand because they're often an item I forget to pack and run out of without realizing. This is also a great way to help out a fellow gym-goer in a time of need," says Lana Herzig, New York City-based personal trainer and instructor.

3. Lint Roller

"A lint roller! I have a Pomeranian and I have to make sure my leggings look nice when I teach," says Tara Palsha Moats, instructor at FlyBarre.

4. Headphones

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"I always have headphones!" says Anna Kaiser, founder of AKT InMotion and celebrity fitness expert.

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5. Cell Phone Charger

"I keep my cell phone charger on hand to make sure my music is ready to go," says Lauren Chiarello, New York City-based barre and Pilates teacher and founder of ChiChiLifeNYC.com. "I also usually have a spare change of workout gear – you just never know when you'll need 'em."

6. Chapstick

"Chapstick! Simple as that," says Chelsea Foss, instructor at BarMethod.

7. Deodorant

"The one thing I always have in my gym bag is deodorant. When I'm running around the city from a client to a workout to class, I need to be prepared to still look and smell fresh," says Naimah Jackman, instructor at 305 Fitness. "Hygiene is very important, and let's just say I freak out if I forget it!"

8. (Fancy) Water

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"I drink at least two to three of [ÜBR], this high PH water every day," says Kristin McGee, celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor in New York City.

Kaiser is all about her fancy water, too: "I love Essentia Alkaline Water. Staying hydrated is key!"

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