3 Easy Ways to Turn Your Holiday Shopping Into a Cardio Workout

Why not work up (even more) of a sweat while running around buying gifts?

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Holiday Shopping Cardio

If you don't think holiday shopping and cardio go hand in hand, just search for Black Friday videos on YouTube. Actually... don't — they're pretty scary. 

Because we definitely prefer fun workouts over workouts where we're being chased by vicious crowds of deal-hungry savages, we enlisted Australian health and lifestyle guru Lorna Jane Clarkson to make our mall runs a little more heart-friendly.

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"Shopping, when done smartly, can actually be aerobically effective," says the author and founder of Lorna Jane activewear. "So grab your credit card, throw on your activewear, and get even more out of your Christmas shopping this year."

Here are three simple ways to turn shopping into an actual workout:

1. Pick Up the Pace

Shopping centers can get crazy over the holidays, and that's exactly why Clarkson says you shouldn't spend your time meandering along the aisles with a pack of slow-moving shoppers anyway.

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"Pop on your sneakers and walk with pace and purpose. Not only will it get your heart rate up, but it will cut the time you have to spend in there by half. Double win," she says. "For extra points: Don't take elevators, find staircases, or walk up the escalators like stairs. Your booty will thank you for it."

2. Don't Stand Still

To avoid the anger that gets bottled up while waiting in way-too-long lines, use them to your advantage.

"Sneak in some subtle moves like calf raises and standing lateral leg raises to activate your glutes and hamstrings," she says.

3. Ditch the Shopping Cart

Clarkson says if you haven't done much for your triceps, well, ever, don't stress – just ditch the shopping cart.

"Carrying around all the gift-loaded shopping bags you've accumulated will activate and engage a lot of the muscle groups in your upper body without having to drop and do a single pushup. I know what I'd prefer. Slightly bend your elbows to really get those muscles working," she says.

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