This New (and Slightly Scary) Way to Swim Is the Perfect Workout for Adrenaline Junkies

Hope you're not afraid of heights!

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If you're all about adrenaline, we've got just the workout for you: swimming — wait for it — 100 feet up in the air, looking down through 8 inches of glass at the word below you. Freaky, right?

These luxury sky pools are popping up around the globe, most notably in London, Singapore, and Surat. Unfortunately for most of us, the transparent pools are going in apartments that require a pretty hefty chunk of change to live in — we're talking $1 million for the small ones. But with the opportunity to literally swim in the sky, we envy the Jennifer Anistons and Tom Cruises of the world who will probably snag up these spaces as vacation homes.

Considering swimming is a great aerobic workout (buh-bye, belly fat!) that's easy on the joints, we only have one question: Do they offer day passes?

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