Here's Exactly How Lady Gaga Got Her Halftime-Show Body

She's giving us a 'Million Reasons' to try TRX.

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Chances are you remember Lady Gaga's epic 13-minute Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, but do you know what she was doing right before she took the stage?

Her TRX workout, naturally.

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In an Instagram post showing Gaga mid-workout, the singer's longtime trainer Harley Pasternak wrote: "How amazing was our longtime client @ladygaga at the Super Bowl today?? Check out her pregame warm up with @trxtraining straps!! She's proof that you always have time to work out."

And there's pop superstar Gaga, wearing her custom Versace bodysuit and a full face of bejeweled makeup for the performance — completely focused on her workout. Talk about the ultimate fitness inspiration!

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When she's giving performances full of flips, tricks, and dance moves, it's no wonder Gaga works so hard and keeps her body in such great shape (we're looking at you, body shamers). And for those of you left scratching your heads at the mention of "TRX"? Here's what you need to know:

What Is TRX?

Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX for short) was developed for Navy SEALs and is a "suspension training body weight exercise" meant to help you develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Read: When you use the resistance-band-like TRX Suspension Trainer, your body weight and gravity work together to make you stronger.

How Can I Do It?

All you need for this full-body workout is the TRX Suspension Trainer — you just connect the straps to a stable object and use your body weight to get moving. Plus, all you have to do to increase or decrease the resistance on your body is adjust your position, so fitness fans of all levels use the TRX tool at their own pace.

Feeling inspired? Us, too. Because if Lady Gaga can do it in her full performance getup, so can we.

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