The 'Chair Traverse' Is the Latest Fitness Trend You Might Want to Skip

Unless you have the abs and skills of a ninja, that is.

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There's a crazy fitness trend making waves on social media, but it's nothing new — or crazy, for that matter — to seasoned rock climbers.

Requiring nothing but a chair (and an impeccable set of abs), the goal of the so-called "Chair Traverse Challenge" is to make a perfect loop around the chair without touching the ground. Basically like playing Hot Lava for adults, you slowly dive forward under the chair and pull yourself up over the other side using an incredible amount of core strength. But if you don't have an ample amount of core strength, it's highly likely you'll just hurt yourself — and your ego.

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Certified climbing instructor Jory Marvin started using chair bouldering as a fun tool to improve his technique years ago. He doesn't just stick to boring ol' chairs, either.

"It was just a fun new challenge to see if I could do it. I like to find weird things to climb on — chairs, benches, tables," he says, showing off his skills in the video above. "It helps my climbing by letting me understand how to move and control my body and breathing better. Climbing is all about solving a problem mentally and physically, and the chair traverse is good practice for that."

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The chair traverse might be a great tool for climbing pros, but Marvin admits it's not something just anyone can take on.

"The chair traverse really requires you to engage your core for the full duration," he says. "You need to be able to keep your legs elevated while maneuvering them through the legs of the chair. Your arms are more for support for your torso."

So before you end up going tail over teakettle with a chair on top, you might want to add a few hundred more ab-building moves into your workout routine. And if you need more of a PSA, watch these attempts.

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