Your Winter Walking Plan: How to Walk Strong at Home

Really don't want to go out? Get fit while you're next to the fireplace (and near the laundry, the kids, and the dinner that's roasting in the oven). These two workouts make it possible.

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WHY: Bad weather is never an excuse, and what you're wearing (even PJs plus a sports bra) is fine.

HOW: Grab your walking shoes, head to a flight of stairs, or hop on the treadmill, and — voilà! — you're ready.

WATCH OUT: You can do it anytime… but that means it can fall to No. 45 on your to-do list. Put it in your schedule!

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Workout 1: Power on the Stairs

WARM-UP: Walk up and down 10 to 15 stairs at a moderate pace three times.

MAIN WORKOUT: Do 10 repetitions of one of the exercises below.

Walk up and down stairs three times.

Do 10 reps of another exercise, and do the stairs three times again. Alternate the exercises and stair-climbing until you've done all six of the moves below.


  1. March in place.
  2. Push-ups (knees down, standing with hands on the wall, whatever).
  3. Jumping jacks.
  4. Squats. Standing with feet hip-width apart, bend knees and hips as if sitting in a chair.
  5. Lunges.
  6. Bicycle ab crunches. Lie on your back, knees bent, feet on the floor, hands behind head. Extend left leg out from body while bringing right knee toward your chest. Lift left elbow toward right knee. Switch sides. That's one rep. Do 10 total.

COOLDOWN: Do an easy three flights up and down the stairs.

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Workout 2: No-Dread Treadmill

Begin by setting the incline to 1 or 2 percent, says Carol Frazey, founder of the Fit School in Bellingham, Washington. "A small incline mimics the varying terrain — and the calorie burn — you'd encounter outside." It's also kinder on your knees and ankles than a flat 'mill.

WARM-UP: Walk for six minutes at a comfortable pace.


  • One minute, brisk pace
  • One minute, comfortable pace
  • Two minutes brisk
  • Two minutes comfortable
  • Three minutes brisk
  • Three minutes comfortable
  • Two minutes brisk
  • Two minutes comfortable
  • One minute brisk
  • One minute comfortable

COOLDOWN: Walk for six minutes, gradually decreasing your pace.

This story originally appeared in the January/February 2016 issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life.

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