This 94-Year-Old Grandma Can Bench More Than You

Finally, a gun show we actually want to go to.

Don't bother offering to carry this granny's groceries to her car.

"I just walk up and I lift it and I put it down, and I get all this applause — [it's] great for the ego," says 94-year-old Edith Traina, who just so happens to be a champion powerlifter. The Tampa, Florida, grandmother told Fox13 Tampa that she only started weight training a few years ago when a friend "dragged" her to the gym, but she's already made a name for herself in the competitive bodybuilding world.

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She was a little hesitant at first, but admits she quickly got hooked on the endorphins from lifting weights that some people half her age wouldn't be able to handle. Thanks to her strict training schedule of three days a week, she's already up to doing 140 lb. deadlifts without even breaking a sweat. And she hopes to reach 200 lbs. by her 100th birthday.

That's Not All, Folks

Even more incredible, Traina found out she has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) — a chronic lung disease that makes it more and more difficult to breathe — a year ago. But through her rigorous training, she says she's actually been able to stifle her symptoms.

"I've been working out and I still have the COPD, but I have it so under control that there are times I don't even realize anything is wrong," she says.

She's also got some inspiring words for her peers: "Think about being able to increase the value of [your] body," she says. "When you're lifting, all of a sudden you think ,'Oh my god, look at that! I'm doing it!' you surprise yourself."

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