How Cardio Benefits Your Entire Body

Besides being your heart's best friend, regular exercise can improve everything from your brain function to your sex life.

We hear it constantly: Regular cardio exercise is a must. And sometimes that brings out our whiny inner 5-year-old, who asks, "But whyyy?

Well, to start, it's great for the heart, hence "cardio." But a good aerobic workout does your whole body good — we're talkin' clear skin, a reduced risk of developing diabetes, decreased anxiety, and lots more — check out Cleveland Clinic's great infographic below to see the many ways exercise gives your health a boost.

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Wondering how much cardio you need to reap the benefits? Aim to get your sweat on at least 2.5 hours each week, which can be accomplished by a 30-minute workout 5 or more days per week, or, for those of you who prefer exercising in shorter bursts, three 10-minute workouts five or more days a week, according to Cleveland Clinic. Not bad when you think about all the great stuff you get in return.

...BRB, our whiny inner 5-year-old wants to find her jump rope.

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