This 10-Minute Walking Workout Can Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution

No time and no equipment? No problem! All you need is 10 minutes, your body, and a good pair of tennis shoes.

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So pilates and yoga and HIIT and cycling and running and ellipticals are all well and good. But have you ever wished you could just walk yourself fit instead? (We certainly have.) Well, you're in luck. We're serious. The thing we do every single day can actually get us in great shape. We just have to take it up a notch from our typical mosey-through-the-grocery-store pace.

In a November 2015 study, researchers at the London School of Economics actually found people are more likely to have a lower weight if they regularly engage in high impact walking opposed to other vigorous activities. Women who regularly walked briskly for more than 30 minutes had lower BMIs than those who engaged in other exercises and sports. So if you're already considering dropping your fitness resolution, the whole not-having-a-gym-membership excuse isn't going to work.

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To help you reach your goal of getting fit in 2016, you don't even have to leave your living room. JessicaSmithTV is a walking pro with her Walk On weight loss program, so when we came across her most recent exercise video (that only takes 10 minutes, btw!) we got pretty excited.

Even though you'll just be walking, don't be fooled: There will be sweat. There will be panting. But at the end of those 10 heart-pounding minutes, you'll definitely be re-energized and ready to tackle your fitness resolution head-on.

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