Meet Cocooning, the Must-Try Fitness Trend That's Basically Aerial Yoga's Chill Cousin

Our dream of turning into The Very Hungry Caterpillar is actually happening. Butterfly status, here we come.

Aerial yoga — the beautiful practice of doing yoga poses while suspended on a silk hammock hanging from the ceiling — isn't anything new. But it's a lot of work. Cocooning, on the other hand, is something we can get down (err... up?) with.

Exactly what it sounds like, cocooning is essentially the practice of turning yourself into a human caterpillar. You climb into the silky fabric and literally just, well, hang there. Doing nothing. For up to an hour. Dream come true, right?

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Crunch gyms partnered with aerial yoga and cocooning company AntiGravity Fitness earlier this year, introducing their classes to gyms across the country. So far, just as expected, they're pretty popular — especially among those practicing mindfulness. You probably won't get the abs of your dreams when you're up there, but you'll likely come down feeling reenergized.

According to the gym, the classes are great for everything from a mental reboot to post-workout recovery. Whether you decide to nap or meditate during the period, being in such a calm and comforting environment is surely a great way to unwind.

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If you're nowhere near a Crunch gym (do a quick search here), don't worry. There's always this option, which is almost as good:

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