10 Must-See Funny Videos of Animals Working Out

In honor of World Animal Day, we're getting a little #fitspiration from some of our favorite furry friends.

Dog Yoga

Today marks World Animal Day, aka our excuse to watch adorable creatures doing adorable things all. day. long. The (more admirable) reason for @WorldAnimalDay is to raise awareness and improve welfare standards for animals around the globe, which we'll be doing by checking out the CDC's redesigned Healthy Pets Healthy People site... and by showcasing these incredible animals living #TheGoodLife by getting their sweat on. They're showing us up, but we're OK with that.

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1 Chimpanzee Karate

We certainly won't be messing with this black belt.

2 Walrus Calisthenics

Don't feel bad if this walrus can do a better pushup than you can. He's had a lot of practice. (And gets delicious fishy treats for all his hard work.)

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3 Chihuahua Yoga

Even Chihuahuas need stress relief.

4 Bulldog Skateboarding

We take back every fat joke we've ever made about bulldogs.

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5 Cockatiel Treadmill Run

Flying is for amateurs. This guy prefers to get his heart pumping by running in place instead.

6 Dog Squats

This dog's squat skills are on point.

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7 Baby Goat High Knee Jumps

This kid is doing things exactly right — jumping is always a fun way to get a killer workout.

8 Elephant Crossfit

Who needs expensive equipment when you can just kick and pull around tires? Genius.

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9 Kitten Hamster Wheel

This looks like our worst nightmare, but this kitten sure seems to enjoy it.

10 Sloth Jungle Gym Workout

We're not usually fans of people who grunt at the gym, but adorable baby sloth grunts at the jungle gym? All for 'em.

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