Meet the Woman Born Without Arms or Legs Who's Taking On the CrossFit World

Lindsay Hilton is going viral, and you're about to see why.

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Although this powerful woman says she didn't set out to be inspirational, she has the fitness community in complete awe — and for good reason. Lindsay Hilton was born without arms and legs, but also the determination to never let anything stop her from doing what makes her happy.

The 30-year-old Canadian has been an athlete her entire life. She started with soccer and field hockey before falling in love with rugby and playing it through college and on a club team post-graduation. Now Hilton has taken on a new hobby and is quickly making a name for herself.

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She's only been doing CrossFit since September 2015, but she's already impressing people around the globe with her strength and passion. It was a lucky start: She only got into the sport after winning a free membership in a challenge of who could do the most burpees in one minute. She did 34. The rest was history.

So the next time you're in need of some motivation to get yourself to the gym, just check out these videos of Hilton rocking her CrossFit routines and you'll be good to go.

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