You'll Definitely Want to Copy Malin Akerman's Weekly Workout Routine

The Billions actress might have a busy schedule, but she still finds easier-than-you'd-think ways to get her workouts in.

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Malin Akerman definitely has her hands full. The actress and mother is constantly on the run (both figuratively and literally), but even with a ridiculously full plate, she still finds time to keep up a solid workout schedule. And here we think we're too tired to hit the gym.

Curious to hear what Akerman does throughout the week to stay in tip-top shape? She laid it all out for us. (And you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to copy.)

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"No given week is the same, but the most important thing is to change it up and push myself to try different things," Akerman says. "Right now I'm shooting season two of Billions, so everything depends on my production schedule."

Here's an idea of what her week entails:

At Least Two Classes

"I find time during the weekdays to take classes — everything from spinning to circuit training to Pilates. Sometimes it's before work, and other times it's after, depending on the schedule."

One Workout on Her Own

"When I can't make it to class, I can do a workout on my own. But I much rather prefer being around others as motivation!"

One Workout With a Friend

"When I'm in LA, I love to grab a friend and do a hike outdoors. It's so important to find time to catch up with people and it's an easy way to be active while I do so."

Many Fun Weekend Activities With Family

"Weekends are a great time to be active with my son — sometimes we spend hours in the pool playing, or in the evening we go for walks outside."

See? Definitely doable. And fun. BRB, going on a hike (*cough* Pokémon Go hunt *cough*) with our closest friends.

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