The Easy Rule That Will Make You Actually Want to Work Out

And when we say easy, we mean easy.

The reason working out always feels like a chore is simple: You're making it one. Cassey Ho, creator of Blogilates, has a ridiculously easy solution that is so obvious we're hanging our heads in shame for not realizing it sooner.

Instead of doing something you hate — whether that's running or spending an hour on the elliptical — do something you enjoy. Duh, right?

Before you roll your eyes and write this off, hear us out: When we crazy-busy people try to squeeze fitness into our crazy-busy schedules, what do we do? We go to the gym. Do we even like the gym? Um, no. Admit it: You'd forgotten that fitness can happen outside of a gym. Which is why we could all benefit from taking a step back and bringing some fun back into our schedules.

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"Learning to love to work out starts with finding something you like — sometimes people don't give themselves enough of a chance and make excuses, or are just afraid to try something new," Ho says. "People are afraid to fail, but failing is a part of learning."

If you want to learn to love working out, you need to be proactive and find your thing.

"Maybe you're not a CrossFit person or a yoga person, but maybe you like dancing or Pilates or jogging," she says. "It doesn't matter. There's something out there for everyone, and it's going to be different for every person."

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So what can you do that's fun and good for your body? Lots of stuff! Here's a list of activities — and the number of calories a 160 lb. woman burns doing that activity for an hour — to get you started. (To find out the exact calories burned for your body weight, head over to's calculator.)

Have Fun, Burn Calories

  1. Play beach volleyball, 610 calories
  2. Play basketball, 610 calories
  3. Go bicycling (moderate effort), 610 calories
  4. Go rollerskating, 533 calories
  5. Turn up the music and dance, 495 calories
  6. Go swimming, 457 calories
  7. Do some boxing, 457 calories
  8. Dig in a sandbox with your kids, 381 calories
  9. Learn to ballroom dance, 343 calories
  10. Go golfing, 343 calories
  11. Play badminton, 343 calories
  12. Do some painting, 343 calories
  13. Try out water aerobics, 305 calories
  14. Clean the house, 305 calories
  15. Learn to juggle, 305 calories
  16. Rent a paddle boat, 305 calories
  17. Try out Tai Chi, 305 calories
  18. Do some gardening, 305 calories
  19. Take up archery, 267 calories
  20. Jump on a trampoline, 267 calories
  21. Go bowling, 229 calories
  22. Play horseshoes, 229 calories
  23. Learn how to play the guitar, 229 calories
  24. Play water volleyball, 229 calories
  25. Go birdwatching, 191 calories
  26. Play a board game, 114 calories
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