These Antique Weight-Loss Gadgets Make Us Grateful for Ellipticals

Don't try these at home. Or anywhere. Ever.

Mothers pass many wonderful things down to their daughters ('Heirloom jewelry, sparkling green eyes, and the secret ingredient to your famous apple coffeecake?! Thanks, Mom!'), but other things are... not so wonderful (old sweaters, saddlebags, and the story of your conception, anyone?).

Well now's the time to just be grateful our mothers didn't pass the bizarre gadgets in the above video on to us. SciShow describes three old-school inventions that look pretty much as bad as they sound: sauna pants, electric shockers and fat-jiggling belts. Apparently they were supposed to help people lose weight, but to us they look more like torture devices. We'll stick to eating well and enjoying workouts, thanks.

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Clearly our mothers have earned eternal appreciation for keeping those things to themselves. One more thing, moms: Because you didn't subject us to the indescribable "fitness" equipment in the video below, we promise to keep complaints about those old sweaters, saddlebags, and conception stories to a minimum.

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