You're Going to Want to Steal This Mom-Turned-Surfer's Healthy Aging Secret

So this is how to feel better than ever at 48.

When you picture a middle-aged surfer, you probably see a perfectly toned guy with leathery orange skin, long blond hair, and a thick Australian accent. But Donna Fortney couldn't be further from that stereotype.

When she was 38, the teacher from New Jersey decided to try something completely outside her comfort zone: She — quite literally — took the plunge and signed up for a surfing lesson. She started with the goal of spending more time with her two young sons, but it turned into something she continued to do for herself.

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Now, at 48, Fortney feels comfortable tackling tough swells head-on. Sometimes her boys, ages 16 and 19, and her husband join in. Other days, it's just Fortney and the waves. Her skincare routine, however, is constant — multi-tasking products with SPF and anti-aging properties are a must because the sun, sand, and water can really take a toll on her complexion. It took her a while to find just the right combination, but now she has it down to a surfer's science. Fortney preps her face with L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Intensive Skin Revitalizer and follows that with L'Oréal Paris RevitaliftTriple Power SPF 20 Day Lotion. Now being the oldest surfer on the beach doesn't bother Fortney, especially because she doesn't look the part.

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