Kiss Winter Lips Goodbye With This Simple Beauty Hack for Chapped Lips

The Good Life's Beauty Director Brian Underwood has a trick that uses something you probably already have in your kitchen.

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Dry, chapped lips and cold winter weather practically go hand in hand, so what's a girl to do when chapstick just isn't cutting it? Look no further than something that's hiding right in your pantry.

Honey isn't just great for easing your throat when you have a cold — it's also the perfect solution for your flaky pout situation. And according to Brian Underwood, beauty director at Dr. Oz The Good Life, all it takes is a couple drops.

"Honey is actually chock-full of natural moisturizers and you can use it as a DIY lip balm," he says."If you notice any dry skin flakes, you can mix it with some sugar to create a lip scrub!"

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