You Dab What Where? Watch This Unusual Beauty Hack That Gets Rid of Under-Eye Bags

The Good Life beauty director Brian Underwood has a simple trick that uses something you probably already have in your medicine cabinet.

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We've got good news! You don't have to feel embarrassed the next time you run off to the store to buy hemorrhoid cream. Ointments like Preparation H are great for restricting the blood flow of inflamed blood vessels, which is what helps the swelling go down for the condition that's literally such a pain in the rear. And just as the cream works for hemorrhoids, it also works for puffy under-eye bags.

It might seem odd putting hemorrhoid cream on your face, but it works, and it's incredibly easy to do. In the video above, Dr. Oz The Good Life beauty director Brian Underwood demonstrates the affordable and speedy trick you can do right before putting on your makeup in the morning. Buh-bye, bags!

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