Meet the Juicer That Makes Face Masks Out of Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Because who wouldn't want to wear kale gel on their face?

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Juicing your favorite fruits and veggies into a nutritious and delicious smoothie is great, but how about juicing them into a hydrating face mask? Korean company PNC International is doing exactly that, and it's just as weird (and potentially awesome) as it sounds.

According to Refinery29, making a mask with the special juicer is very simple. All you do is combine your choice of fruit and/or veggies, water and a tablet that contains seaweed extract, konjac (a plant used across Asia to make flour and jelly) and agar (a gel-like substance made from algae) to thicken the mask. Wait five minutes and you've got yourself a gooey sheet that's ready to place on your face — eye, nose and mouth holes included.

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Watch it in action:

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The mask may look a little thick after it comes out of the juicer, but evidently it gets thinner as the various nutrients are absorbed into your skin. Kind of amazing, right? It even comes with a recipe book and guide to pH levels so you don't put the wrong things on your face, which is always helpful.

Once you're finished, the leftover mask can be dissolved in water (after you've peeled it off American-Psycho style, of course):

american psycho face mask

But before you get too excited (we know, we're awful): You'll be stuck buying store-bought masks for a bit longer because the facial juicer isn't in stores yet. But once it is, you can bet girls' nights everywhere will be getting extra creative with all kinds of crazy mask concoctions. Apple-mango-avocado mask, here we come.

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