What can I say about LALICIOUS except "Yum?" The brand has been on my radar for a while now — they're known for decadently scented body scrubs (seriously, you'll be licking your lips as you massage it on) — so I was excited when I found out they'd be launching oil-to-foam cleansers for the shower. It's a category that's been taking off recently, and you should definitely consider swapping out the soap or body wash you're using for one of these, especially as the weather gets colder and skin gets drier (you'll see why).

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The gist: The product starts out with an oil-like consistency and, you guessed it, whips up into a frothy lather as you wash. Because it's free of potentially drying detergents and packed with natural ingredients like grapeseed oil and jicama root juice, it leaves your skin silky-smooth but not greasy. I usually just squirt it into a loofah or a washrag, but it also makes a great bubble bath. You + a glass of wine + this shower product = pure bliss.

And as with all LALICIOUS products, the scents are what I love most. Sugar Kiss is decidedly sweet, but not too perfumed, so you won't be gagging every time you catch a whiff of your skin for the rest of day. There's also a light lemon fragrance and a tropical coconut (another of my faves).

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