Beauty Find of the Week: Alien Eau Extraordinaire Golden Shimmer

A classic, subtle scent that can be worn during any season.

I'm a perfume-aholic and what I really love about fragrance is that, more than almost anything else in my beauty arsenal, it says something about who I am as a person. When I want to feel fun and energetic, I'll wear something fruity with notes of citrus; when I want to feel more polished and pulled-together, I'll wear a scent with floral notes or a musky aroma.

It's on those days that I'll now be spritzing on the newest from avant-garde designer Thierry Mugler. Before I get to the actual scent, can we talk about this bottle? It's gorgeous and will look great in any bathroom. The scent itself is classic and, most importantly for me, subtle. So many times I'll find a great perfume that I then discover is way too strong to spray on every day. It's either too cloyingly sweet or so rich that I feel like I need to wash it off by noon. Alien is a nice balance between feminine, sexy and timeless.

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It's perfect for the office and layers nicely if you need a few extra spritzes before dinner or a night out. I also really like that it smells season-less. I tend to wear lighter citrus scents a lot during the warmer months and heavier musks in winter, but I could see myself spraying this on 365!

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