3 Easy Steps to Opening Every Eye Shape

From hooded to almond eyes.

Eye Makeup for Different Shapes

Every woman's eyes are unique, so why are the step-by-step instructions that come with shadow palettes exactly alike? We went to three makeup masters — Sandy Linter, Laura Geller, and Mally Roncal — for tips tailored to different shapes and issues. Use their know-how to look your eye-catching best.

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3 Ways to Open Up Hooded Eyes

Such an alluring shape, but to bring out the sultry, not sleepy, use a little strategic shading.

1. Dust brightness all over. Hooding can make eyes look smaller than they really are. To give yours a lift, brush a light-colored eye shadow over your entire lids.

2. Darken the hooded part. Next, blend a deeper shade onto the part of your lids that drops down most. "This makes the hood recede visually," says makeup artist Laura Geller, founder of her eponymous makeup line.

3. Get some definition. Use a dark precision-tip liner to draw a fine line along the top lashes and the outer half of the bottom lashes. Trace a beige pencil along the inner lower lash lines for a more wide-eyed look. Finish with mascara.

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3 Ways to Play Up Round Eyes

Try these tricks, because even bigger and brighter is never a bad thing.

1. Deepen; then pop. Sweep a dark eye shadow over your lids, and brush a bit more into the creases to strengthen their natural curve. Then tap a pale shade just above the pupils. "This enhances a round shape," says Lancôme makeup artist Sandy Linter.

2. Emphasize the middle lashes with mascara. It's all about spotlighting the center of the eyes, so apply an extra swipe of mascara in the middle of the upper lashes to create a more open look.

3. Line top and bottom. With a brown pencil, line the top lashes, then smudge the darker eye shadow along the bottom ones to complete the circle, says Linter.

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3 Ways to Amp Up Almond Eyes

A few tips to add extra drama — all simple enough for every day.

1. Enhance the outer parts of the eyes. This elongates their natural shape, says Geller. Smudge a deeper-toned shadow in a sideways V around the outer corners of your eyes. (Brush from the outer corners inward so the color fades as you get to the center.)

2. Flare out your liner. Geller recommends tracing your upper lashes with a dark pencil, making the line fatter as it nears the outside edges.

3. Finish with mascara. Apply one coat, then add a second to the outer lashes only (from the edges of the iris to the outer corners), flicking the wand upward.

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3 Ways to Define Monolids

The idea here: Create dimension so your eyes really shine.

1. Shadow strategically. Choose an eye shadow a few shades deeper than your skin tone and brush it onto your lids from your lashes to just past where your creases would be. (To find this spot, close your eyes and feel around for the top of your eyeball; end the shadow there.)

2. Now outline. Trace your upper lash lines with a dark liner, sticking close to the lashes, and then use a tiny brush to smudge a thin line of the same eye shadow onto the outer portion of your bottom lashes. "This helps make eyes appear more open than if you'd used dark liner all the way around," says makeup artist Mally Roncal.

3. Curl, curl, curl. Straight lashes close up the eyes, so don't skip the eyelash curler. Use a waterproof curling mascara to hold lashes in shape.

This story originally appeared in the September 2016 issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life.

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