The Best and Worst Makeup Trends in History Are More Extreme Than You Think

Brit makeup artist Lisa Eldridge shows off the most beautiful, crazy and dangerous looks from the past 5,000 years.

If you think some of today's beauty trends are crazy (hair sprouts, anyone?), just wait — they've been crazier. Makeup styles in particular have changed a lot over the past 5,000 years, and some of them were outright deadly. British beauty blogger and professional makeup artist Lisa Eldridge took a trip back through time and recreated the best and worst makeup trends in history, and we've gotta admit — she was spot on.

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Eldridge starts with ancient Egypt, where people weren't afraid to experiment with their makeup. Both men and women used it on the daily, creating dramatic looks that most of us associate with Cleopatra. Then there was Ancient Greece, where less was more... except when it came to their eyebrows. Or should we say eyebrow?

And don't forget the exaggerated look of the rich Venetian class, which someone today would probably only attempt on Halloween. Speaking of spooky: Makeup from that era was so toxic that the more you used, the more you needed to use to cover up the damage. The flaming red blush they used was made out of a poisonous mineral that could actually kill them. So we guess saying "I'd die to have her rosy cheeks" wasn't so much of an expression as a fact back then. Yikes.

Yeah, this video makes us pretty grateful for the modern makeup we have today. Whether we're going for subtle or showy, we can create pretty much any look we want. And while we're not interested in sporting the Rainbow Brite eyes of the 80s, it's just nice to know we could if we wanted.

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