What's in Your Eyeliner?

These sticks are your secret weapon for notice-me eyes.

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The right eyeliner can make you look elegantly classic or smoky and dramatic, so let us help you choose.

The History of Eyeliner

The ancient Egyptians — both women and men — wore eyeliner, thinking it would ward off evil spirits and illnesses. (So that's where Johnny Depp got the idea.) Theirs had a lead base that can't be used in makeup anymore.

All the Many Types, Explained

Gel and Cream Liners: Gel and cream liners in both pots and pencils, combine a thickening agent with hydrators such as glycerin to create a soft, smudgeable look. Also in there: silicones or oils like hydrogenated palm oil to help them glide along the skin. Use gels or creams to make a smoky, sexy eye.

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Eye Pencils: Pencils may also have silicones or oils, but their base is a wax (candelilla and carnauba wax are common). They deliver subtle, matte color for soft and natural definition.

Liquid Liners: These guys are a mixture of water and oil and contain polyurethane (the same stuff used on floors, but in a form that's safe for cosmetics), which helps keep your nice, crisp line from running. They'll help you pull off clean, graphic looks, like a classic cat eye.

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The Deal With Waterproof Liners

They contain high levels of polyurethane (about twice as much as in liquid liners), which creates a film on the skin and holds the color in place. Because polyurethane isn't water soluble, it won't come off with H2O alone; reach for a cleansing oil or makeup remover to wipe it away.

What All Eyeliners Contain

Any eyeliner you use contains colorants to make them rich and dark or a pretty hue. Whether they're synthetic or minerals (like iron oxides and titanium dioxide), you don't need to stress about safety: The FDA regulates all color additives used in your cosmetics.

How to Create a Flawless Line

To create a super-smooth line, tilt your pencil slightly so that the edge, not the point, is against your lid. The flatter surface helps the liner glide along without skipping.

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