Should You Take a Break from Regular Manicures?

Get the bare facts about polish, removers and your nails.

The Claim: If you take an occasional vacation from polishes and removers, your nails will rehydrate and grow out stronger.

Oz Says: It's not so much the polish that's tough on nails; removers, some of which are similar to paint thinners, can stress your tips out. If that's happening to you, taking a breather from the manicure process for two to three weeks is a smart move, according to dermatologist Dana Stern, M.D., and New York City–based manicurist Mimi Wilson.

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How to make nails look good in the meantime: Use a fine-grit buffer to minimize any stains or discoloration, and slather on cuticle oil frequently to keep nails hydrated. Got yellow stains from using dark polish? Try graduating to lighter and lighter colors before you take your break and go nail-naked.

When you get back to your painting routine, do what you can to make each mani last longer (old-school but smart: Wear gloves when doing dishes!) so remover meets your nails less frequently. And use a less harsh, nonacetone product.

The Verdict: TRY IT

This story originally appeared in the October 2015 issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life.

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