Foodie Fashion? Chinese Teens Are Wearing Bean Sprouts in Their Hair

Apparently wearing veggies on your head is much cooler than putting them in your mouth.

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It may be a challenge to get teens to eat their greens, but apparently they'll gladly grow them out of their heads. OK, not exactly, but that's the illusion in Beijing, where people are embracing a bizarre new beauty craze: plastic bean sprouts attached to hair barrettes.

It's not just teen girls who have fallen in love the veggie fashion trend. Grown men, kids, older women and even pets can be seen wearing the sprouts. Why? That's still unclear, but one Beijing man who sells the hair pieces thinks the trend sprouted (pun intended) as an environmentalist effort.

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"It's fun, but I guess it's also about protecting the environment, to show that you care about nature," Mao Wenli, 50, told the New York Times.

Nice thought, but... aren't they made out of plastic? Mass-produced plastic doesn't usually make us think of saving Mother Nature. But, to be fair, it's unclear how and where the barrettes are being produced, so maybe they're made from sustainable materials. Maybe. 

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Many fashion and beauty sites are calling this trend cute, but it remains to be seen if it will catch on in the United States. Guess we'll find out. But until then, behold these hair-sprout sporting Instagrammers:

キョトンとする人 #豆芽

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