This Insane Clip Does a Whole Lot More Than Hold Your Hair Back

The multipurpose find can be used for everything from opening bottles to filing your nails.

You never know when you're going to run into a little life emergency. From a chipped nail to a loose screw, the need for a quick fix usually comes when you're woefully unprepared. But now it looks like a classic beauty item is coming to our rescue: a hair clip.

The latest model of Clippa does everything you can imagine, including opening bottles and boxes, cutting string and tightening eyeglasses. We're a little obsessed, considering how many times we've felt like a damsel in distress waiting for someone to show up with a bottle opener. Who knew our knight in shining armor would come in the form of a pink hair clip?

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Watch the video below and get ready to be the handiest belle of the ball.

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