Meet the Silent Hair Dryer That Pros Say Will Break the Internet

Kiss those arm cramps goodbye.

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Silent Hair Dryer

While hair dryers have come a long way since the large, domed hood dryers of the '40s and '50s — hey, they're at least portable now — we haven't really seen large strides by way of innovation (and, er, clunkiness). Or maybe it's just that nothing has made us quite as excited as Dyson's new high-tech, Supersonic model, which they recently announced in Tokyo. Have you seen this thing?

Yes, Dyson, the electronic brand behind those fancy vacuum cleaner and hand dryers, is breaking ground in the hair arena. And they know well enough to have tapped celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin to give her stamp of approval/make her the tool's U.S. Ambassador.

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Four years in the making, with over 100 different engineers (dozens of whom were female) on the job, the nozzle-free, hot-pink design is said to be quieter, sleeker, lighter, and less damaging to hair than any other model on the market thanks to its game-changing design and airflow control technology.

"That back-heavy feeling that usually makes your arms ache completely disappears with this, whether working on your own hair or blow drying someone else," Atkin told The New York Times. "For me, or any woman, that is a game changer. This is the 'break the Internet' dryer."

The Supersonic dryer doesn't launch until September and won't come cheap at $399, but if it can transform both the experience and results of our daily at-home blowouts (and be less harmful to our precious strands in the process), it could very well be revolutionary for our routine.

From: MarieClaire
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