3 Steps to a Perfect Blowout

Get that fresh-from-the-salon feeling from the comfort of your own home.

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It's a classic story: Girl struts out of salon with freshly blown-out hair feeling like a supermodel. But after a few days, Girl must wash her hair and go back to ho-hum style until her next cut. Well, we've got good news for Girl: Sheenon Olson, celebrity hair stylist and founder of Atma Beauty salon in Miami Beach, has all the tips you'll need to create the flawless look from home.

Olson says there are three elements to creating a blowout that'll last: bone-dry hair, tension, and heat:

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1. Get Rid of All the Moisture

Repeat: All the moisture. If you don't, all your hard work will be instantly donezo.

"If you leave any moisture in the hair, that section will start to dry naturally and frizz," Sheenon says. "When you're blow-drying it, you're closing the cuticle down and getting the moisture to evaporate out of the cuticle of the hair. That's when your blow-dry goes from being mediocre to great."

2. Follow the Correct Order

Forget everything you thought you knew about blowouts. To create a flawless look, you need to start at your roots — not the ends.

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"Clip up sections, and get the roots dry first. Then dry the mid-shaft. Once that's finished, polish the ends," Sheenon says.

By drying your hair in this order, you'll get great volume and prevent any frizz.

3. Invest in Good Tools

We hate to say it, but it's hard to get salon-grade results without salon-grade products. It's time to say goodbye to the hot pink hairdryer you got on sale 15 years ago and spend a few extra bucks for the healthiest hair of your life.

"All you need is a blowdryer that dries fast and gets hot. And a really good boar bristle brush," Sheenon says.

If you want to get the best bang for your buck, Sheenon's favorite dryer is the Twinturbo 3500 ($140, amazon.com), which is still working perfectly after six years worth of his client's blowouts. Combined with a boar bristle round brush ($53, amazon.com), your hair will be all kinds of smooth and silky.

And don't forget about protection! Protecting your hair from the heat of the dryer is always key, no matter what style you're going for. Sheenon recommends applying ORIBE Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray ($68, amazon.com) for the longest-lasting results.

Let the hair compliments begin. You go, Girl!


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