How to Mask Your Grays in Seconds Using Something You Probably Already Own

When you're in a pinch, here's your fuss-free solution.

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Lucy Gray Hair

You're about to walk out the door, but when you decide to check your makeup one last time, BAM! — a few gray hairs appear out of nowhere. Grays tend to pop up at the most inopportune moments, and when there's no time to run to the salon to make them disappear, we have a quick fix you can do right at home.

For less than $5, you can make your grays vanish. Silver-haired who?

For Dark Hair

You might think it stinks having dark hair when it comes to those pesky, easily-spotted grays, but there is one perk — they're the easiest to cover on the cheap. Brown and black-haired gals only need one item to conceal runaway gray strands: mascara.

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Grab a bottle in black or brown, wipe off the excess, and lightly brush it over your hair. You'll hide all those annoying grays in seconds, and the mascara should stay put all day long. Bonus: This works when your roots are starting to show, too.

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For Light Hair

Blondes do have more fun — at least when it comes to dealing with grays. Unlike dark-haired ladies, blondes have it pretty easy. Because their hair is lighter, grays and whites blend in more than they do in a black or brown mane.

Still, if you're worried those hairs aren't blending as well as you'd like, covering them is simple: Grab some face powder — the kind you usually set your foundation with — in a light shade. Then brush it over the hairs that stick out. This works best if you're hiding the hairs in your part or if you're covering up your roots.

And don't think we'd forget about redheads! Instead of going gray, natural redheads often fade gracefully into silvery-white. But if you do see some hairs pop up you'd like to banish, grab some brow gel in your shade — like one of these, depending on your hue — and lightly brush over your strands. It's as easy as that.

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