Get Rid of Hairline Sweat With This Quick Beauty Hack

The Good Life's Beauty Director Brian Underwood has a simple trick that'll keep your makeup where it belongs.

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Know what's not fun? Hairline sweat. You know it well: Get out of a refreshing shower and start getting ready for the day in your still-steamy bathroom. Soon enough the sweat is dripping, your makeup is all kinds of messed up, and it feels like your face is melting. So what's a girl to do?

The Good Life's Beauty Director Brian Underwood wants you to know that deodorant isn't just for your armpits — you can use it on your hairline, too. "Take some clear stick deodorant, rub a little on your finger, and dab it right along your hairline. It should keep the sweat at bay so your makeup stays put," he says.

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