Oooh... I Love That Scent!

We want to take you fragrance shopping with some unique (and uniquely smart) experts. Until scratch-and-sniff magazines become a thing, our team's spot-on descriptions are the best way to find the eau so right one for you.

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Our scent pros bring these delicious new fragrances to life, so you know where to head in the perfume aisle.

The Experts

  • Ron Winnegrad is director of International Flavors & Fragrances perfumery school in New York City.
  • Wendy Stern, MD, knows your smelling equipment: She's an ear, nose, and throat doctor with the Southcoast Hospital Group in Massachusetts.
  • Winnifred Cutler, PhD, is a pheromone researcher and founder of the Athena Institute for Women's Wellness in Chester Springs, PA.
  • Lili Safabakhsh has helped thousands of women find their signature scent as the fragrance expert at Dillard's in Pineville, NC.
  • Sean Day, PhD, is a synesthete who perceives scents as colors and is president of the American Synethesia Association.
  • Tara Simon, evaluates dozens of perfumes a year as senior vice president of merchandising, prestige beauty, at Ulta Beauty.
  • Mo Clancy tunes in to flavor as a former beauty product developer and now a restaurateur (she founded Seed + Salt in San Francisco).
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1. Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary Eau de Parfum

Winnegrad imagines that "this is what a pink ball gown would smell like: feminine and fruity, with playful floral notes." Clancy picked up some "seductive vanilla" in the fragrance, which also includes cherry blossom, peony, and rose. Stern agrees that it's "quietly sweet... for an evening out." ($58,

2. Marc Jacobs Mod Noir Eau de Parfum

To Cutler, this fragrance, with notes of gardenia, musk, and greens, is a "strong floral." As it lingers, she says, "you'll detect a light, almost apricot-like" aroma. "Quiet footpaths" are what came to mind when Clancy smelled it. ($90,

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3. Nest Fragrances Verde Eau de Parfum

"This makes me want to take on the day," says Stern. To her, the scent, which includes notes of wild fern, cedar, and earthy vetiver, captures the "majesty of a forest" and the "sweet smell of pine." Winnegrad describes it as "very green," like a "dark, moody farmers market." ($68,

4. Diptyque Florabellio Eau de Toilette

Amid the fennel, coffee, and sesame notes, Clancy detected something fruity "like grapefruit" (it could be the apple blossom) and says it reminds her of having her "feet in the grass." For Day, who experiences scents as colors, it conjures "mostly wildflowers and woodsy plants — a lilac purple cloud that gets darker, with orange around the edges." ($125,

5. Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette

Simon says the scent evokes "sparkling lemonade" and a "grassy meadow" — probably because of its mix of juicy pear, vetiver, freesia, and mandarin. The aroma appears as a pink cloud to Day, with "wispy curves of yellow across it." ($72,

6. Lancôme La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum

For Safabakhsh, the scent is "spicy and sexy" and conjures images of "being at a summer carnival at twilight." "Boldly sweet" is how Cutler describes the aroma, which is a mix of praline, lychee, vanilla orchid, and sandalwood. ($80,

7. Kate Spade New York Walk on Air Eau de Parfum

"A blooming imperial garden" is Safabakhsh's description of this perfume tinged with jasmine, neroli, and lily of the valley, and Winnegrad points out that the florals are "balanced by an almost dewy, marine essence that's like the smell of fresh air." ($95,

This story originally appeared in the June 2015 issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life.

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